08 February 2016

Play Chess in Facebook Messenger

What can you do with Facebook Messenger?
  • Chat with your friends
  • Send GIFs, stickers, and photos
  • Make video calls
  • Send people money in Messenger
Have you ever wondered to Play a game while you chat with friends?

Yes, it is possible.

Facebook had made it to the reality by building a hidden built-in functionality in Facebook Messenger that lets you play Chess with your friends without having to install a third-party app.

It just takes one simple step to unlock this hidden game.

All you need to do is: type "@fbchess play" and hit Enter, during a conversation, and a small square box would appear in the chat box.

Here's how to play: The person who initiated the game would be assigned "White" side, to make the first movement.

Although there is some standard algebraic notation like:-
  • B for “Bishop”
  • R for “Rook”
  • Q for “Queen”
  • K for “King”
  • N for “Knight”
  • P for “Pawn”
Pawns could be moved by issuing the simple commands with numbers (along with the vertical axes).

For, e.g. If your first play would take the second pawn from the left and move it up one block, you would write: ‘@fbchess Pb3,’ or simply ‘@fbchess b3.'

You could refer to the help section by issuing the command "@fbchess help" for the possible commands to assist you throughout the game.

It turns out that the commands are case sensitive. The board will update and notify you whether it is your turn to play.

You can undo a move with "@fbchess undo" command or by clicking the "undo" button — but your opponent has to accept the request to undo.

The game would also allow you to have a conversation during the game with your friend, resumes the game by issuing the game commands.

FB Chess is currently available for both mobile and web platforms, eliminating the need to download it separately.

This new Productive Time Killer Game initiated to entertain its users by sharpening brain while having a chat with your mate equally.

Credits: Via

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05 February 2016

Amazon India To Use Cycles To Deliver Orders Under 5 KM Radius

Amazon is now planning to deliver smiles on bicycles! In an effort to go green and strive towards a more sustainable environment, Amazon has been running a test drive in some of the major metro cities on delivering packages within distances of 3-5 kms on bicycles. Being conscious of the environment we live in, reducing carbon footprint is the need of the hour. They have taken this ecofriendly step by introducing bicycle deliveries, which also helps delivery associates with easier access in congested metro cities.

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13 June 2014


Friends don't miss this new offer!!!

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11 June 2014

How To Fix HRESULT 0xc8000222 Error In Net Framework Installation

Some applications require the latest version of .NET framework pre-installed before you can run them. If you don't have the latest version pre-installed, You need to install it separately to replace the outdated one in your machine..

The problem we often have here is the error msg like HRESULT 0xc8000222 when we are about to finish the Net Framework installation.

Please follow the below steps to complete the framework installation without error :
    • Click START ALL PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > right click COMMAND PROMPT and choose run as administrator (A command prompt window will open).

    • Type : net stop WuAuServ in the command prompt and leave it that way for a second.
          • Now click Windows > > and type %windir% 

          • Find a folder named SoftwareDistribution. Rename it with any name (we don't use this folder anymore, Renaming it is only for back up purpose).
              • Back to command prompt again and type net start WuAuServ.
                  • Finish your net framework installation.

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                  20 June 2013

                  Top 10 cheapest Android phone below Rs 10,000 for June 2013

                  Top 10 cheapest Android phone below Rs 10,000 for June 2013

                  1. Micromax Canvas 3D A115 - Rs 9,999
                  2. Xolo Q700 - Rs 9,999
                  3. Intex Aqua Wonder Quadcore - Rs 9,990
                  4. Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo - Rs 7,340
                  5. Sony Xperia E - Rs 9,990
                  6. Swipe 9X - Rs 8,999
                  7. Lenovo A390 - Rs 8,689
                  8. XOLO B700 - Rs 8,999
                  9. Karbonn Retina A27 - Rs 9,090
                  Maxx AX8 - Rs 9,999

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                  06 March 2013

                  KASPERSKY ACTIVATION

                  First of all you need to download the keys for your version of Kaspersky Antivirus. You can download it from here.

                  Here are the steps:

                  • Open Kaspersky License Manager

                  • Click ‘Activate the application with a new license’ button.

                  • First 'Activate Commercial Version' using activation code 11111-11111-11111-1111X(Important:disable internet connection)

                  • Click the Next button, then the error dialog box will open click  OK  and you will now get the option to activate kaspersky using a key file. Look where you  downloaded the key file earlier then activate kaspersky.

                  • Hurray you are done! 

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                  02 February 2013

                  Now Use Your Pillow To Control Your TV

                  Never get frustrated again by losing the television remote control! It might be one of the worst feelings when you are missing your favorite show just because you can’t find the damn remote but now, you can put an end to it all with the pillow remote control. 
                  This all new pillow is more than a comfy cushion. It is a comfortable design piece that is also multi-functional since it serves as a remote control for your T.V as well.
                  Don’t worry about the compatibility/connectivity issues since it has 6 in 1 universal remote control which means you can easily switch over to any television with pre-programmed automatic code searching. 
                  Now to prolong the battery life, this cushion sleeps after 60 seconds, hence you don’t have to worry much about batteries.

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